On the Road Fixes

While it is usually best to have your bicycle repaired by a skilled bike mechanic, sometimes they are not on the ride with you and able to address your issue.  If a roadside repair becomes necessary, you may need to do it yourself.  So it’s best to know how!

We are not referring to replacing a headset or bottom bracket or frame repair, but the usual road maladies, flats and chain issues. 

I find it amazing that the people in the videos have all these problems when their bike is in the shop stand.  Videos of actual repairs on the road would be better.  Where did I put my tire levers???

For safety’s sake and to prevent future issues, upon your return, you should have the bike checked by a skilled bike mechanic. 


I always carry a set of latex gloves in my bag for anytime I need to deal with the oily mess of the chain or rear wheel.  Keeps your hands clean and can save a favorite jersey.  —Tom