Join the Melon City Bike Club Facebook Group                 A way to share your ride pictures, upcoming events and biking news.

The current Facebook Fan Page allows for posting of MCBC information and pictures by members via the standard use of "posts."  .  While the administrators could add events, files and create picture albums, the individual members could not add their pictures into those albums.  

Introducing the Melon City Bike Club Group:  The creation of a GROUP versus a FANPAGE  allows more accessibility to members of the Melon City Bike Club.  It will operate very similar to your personal Facebook page, so learning should be easy.  

Any MCBC member, RAGBRAI charter member or Muscatine area resident can join this group, if they have a Facebook account.  To do so, they will need to make a request to join and be approved by an MCBC administrator.  This is to discourage use of site for sales promotions.

To make the request:

  • Click on the page shot picture below.  Or you may go to the search bar at the top of your personal Facebook page and type in Melon City Bike Club.  Click on the group results and the page banner should look like the one below.  
  • When the page appears, click on the Join Group (as shown in the red oval).  If you currently are a group member, the Join Group will not appear on this page. 
  • The administrator (club officers) may take a day or so to respond to your request.  During that time, you will have browsing access to the site. 



  • The MCBC Facebook Group page will work in concert with the MCBC Fan Page and the revised MCBC web site.
  • A focused communication tool by and for MCBC members.  Members can post items for viewing by all members or a select few.  Non-MCBC Facebook members can view but not contribute.
  • Any group member can create a Photo Album and install photos.  
  • Any group member can contribute photos to an existing photo album.  (Imagine photos easily grouped by ride/event.  Like photos in an album...not a shoe box)
  • Any group member can host and post an upcoming event.  (This could be an upcoming ride for any of the riding groups, a time trial challenge, the bi-weekly dinner rides, etc.)
  • Any group member can contribute a document or upload data file.
  • Any group member can design and conduct a survey type poll.  
  • The MCBC membership roster (those with Facebook accounts) can be viewed.
  • The link will reside in the GROUPS area (left margin ) of your personal Facebook page. 


  • Group is limited to MCBC members, RAGBRAI charter participants, Muscatine area residents.  Otherwise it could become huge and ineffective and rife with advertisements.
  • Rules for events, photos and files will need to be followed.  Duplications of photos, frivolous events and file posts need to be avoided  Posters will own what they post!
  • Of course, the Facebook Rules of Conduct must be followed.

Nearly all of what you can do now on the MCBC Page, you will be able to do in the MCBC Group...and more.  It will allow better group communication.  It will limit the extraneous posting that can litter a your personal page.  It will be focused primarily on the activities of the Melon City Bike Club.