Important Notice

Due to various factors involved (operating system difference, software use, etc), the complete transfer of the MCBC website will take a little more time for redesign and modifications to occur.    So expect changes in the future.

During this time, Sally Flatland and David Griffin will be collecting and documenting the latest MCBC news and sending it to Tom for processing and uploading to the site.  

Remember, the information to be posted is the responsibility of the person or group that desires its posting.  There are no MCBC reporters to scoop the information or take pictures. 

If you wish to submit something to be posted upon the site, please type out the information and send it as a text file to David or Sally.  They can then prepare it for Tom to upload.  Be sure to include pictures, posts or any other info regarding the event or news article.  

For inter club ride or event notices, the best method is the MCBC Facebook page or YAHOO group (at your own risk).  

Due to these security issues using YAHOO Groups, Sally is also investigating safer and easier to use alternatives to replace it.  This issue was discussed at our annual meeting in January.

Thank you in advance for your patience on this matter.  

See email links below.  

Webmasters:   Sally Flatland 

                                         David Griffin                    

Technical:   Tom Hammer

2018 MC Criterium Schedule & Info

2018 Membership Application

Required of all new and renewal members

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Also available on the MCBC Facebook site under FILES.


Savanna Ride

MelonHead 2013 Ride Video:  An entire year and nearly 2500 miles of riding fun in a 7 minute video.

Melon City Century Ride Pictures

Melon City 2013 Ride Slideshow

2014 Melon City Criterium

April 30th Kid's Bike Rodeo Video



Melon City Bike Club Facebook Group     Share photos, videos and files, add events, do surveys, log posts, look up members, and send group emails.  To protect our membership, this is a Closed Facebook Group.  Group acceptance is granted only to paid members of the Melon City Bike Club.  To Join MCBC...Click here.

Before you ride, check the weather...