Please note changes to the annual RAGBRAI Vacation Charter!

What a shock to get an email from the powers that be of RAGBRAI.  about a whole new registration process, payment system & price raise,  the DAY before Registration opens,  & did I mention, I am on vacation.   so here goes,  I am sure more will change in the coming weeks.  

1.  The price of RAGBRAI has gone up from $160 to  $175,    sorry folks....................out of my control!

2.   You must pay online when you register,  again  out of my control,  it is an all or nothing type thing.  So  only the $125 that goes to Melon City & will be due by June 1 & mailed to me.   It appears, One good thing,  I think,  that we will now have till April 1 to close our group, not Feb 28 as in the past.   Once again the RAGBRAI’s message to me was clear as mud.

3.  Your  must have been a member in 2015 & 2016 to ride as a member of Melon City.changes.

Please be prepared for other  changes & notices from me.   I am very disappointed in the Registers lack of notice.   

Please pass this on to all.  I am not working from my regular RAGBRAI lists,  I am sure I am missing folks.   will not be back to my regular computer till Tuesday.

Hang in there with me,  It will still be a great year!


Deb Elliott    

806 W. 3rd St.Muscatine, IA 52761

563.264.5133 (H) 563.506.1477 (W) 563.263.2841 (W)