2017 Melon City Criterium Corner Marshal Help -  Greg Harper

Corner marshals are key to a safe and exciting criterium.  Their key responsibility is to keep the race course free of vehicles and assist observers in safely crossing the race course. 

Corner marshals are needed for the 2017 Melon City Criterium to be held at Weed Park on May 28th.  Below are the various corner marshal posts along the route.  Please volunteer to man a post during one of the three shifts noted below.  You must be a Melon City Bike Club member.

Even if you have other commitments, fill out the first four lines and click on NOT available.  It will save me from calling you on follow-up.  You will still need to click the SEND button in the bottom right hand corner.  If you can participate, fill in the information.  The info will be emailed directly to the corner marshal chairman, who will respond to you once all positions are finalized.  Once the positions are filled you should receive an email stating you time and position for corner marshaling.

The corner marshal chairman will need to do some rearrangements to make sure all positions are covered. If you have a preferred location or time you want to marshal, send your response in early.

Thanks for helping!   Link to Schedule and prize moneys.


 Be sure to click SEND (bottom right) before quitting this page.  This will send an email request to the corner marshal chairman.  You should also receive a copy of the email.