Adding photos to an existing album:


1.    Go to the Melon City Bike Club Group : Photos

2.   Click on the album corresponding to the photos your wish to add.

 The album will expand on Facebook page in a new window and show you all photos already uploaded.  Please review, so as not to add too many similar shots.

3.   In page's upper right hand corner, click on tab called Add Photos. 

You will then be presented with a page to choose files to upload (depending upon your connection speed and computer, this may take a moment.  

4.    Click on Choose File tabs and locate the photo on your computer to upload. 

5.    Repeat until you run out of choices and then click Upload Photos tab.

The photos will be uploaded to the album you selected.  (Do not close the window during the uploading process)  It may take a few second, but once uploaded you can return to the photos and tag the faces or comment on the photo.  

Repeat if you have more photos for this album...or... to a different album.

The Melon City Bike Club retains the right to delete photos from any of the album due to content or age of the photo.  We hope to provide a picture archive.