How to Create Albums      You must be a member of the Melon City Bike Club Group to post pictures.  Click link to join!


Before doing either of the uploading processes, organize the pictures you wish to add in a folder on your computer to make them easier to find when prompted during the process ( I usually create a file on my desktop)

Create New Album 

 If your pictures do not belong in any of the existing albums, then you should create a new album.  

The person that creates the new album has ownership and is the only one (other than administrators) that can change settings.

Note: FB does not allow creating an album with only one picture.


1. Under the MCBC page banner, click on Photo.

Note: Before you do create an album make sure someone else has not already created an album for that ride which you may add your pictures. 

2. When the page opens, click on the tab above the Album collection, marked + Create Album

This will take you to a new page and in the upper left corner, replace today's date with the name of your album and/or ride date (descriptive of the ride and include the year).  This will insure others upload their pictures of that ride to the correct album.

3. Facebook will then want to go where you have your pictures, this is why organizing them before hand is needed.

4. Select the pictures you wish to upload and click OPEN 

(this may be different on a PC vs. a Mac) The pictures will start to upload.

The photos will be uploaded to the album you selected.  (Do not close the window during the uploading process.  

It may take a few seconds.

5. Once uploaded you can return to the photos and tag the faces or comment on the photo.  

You may add more photos to the same album at a later time by following add to existing album.

The Melon City Bike Club retains the right to delete photos from any of the album due to content or age of the photo.  We hope to provide a picture archive.