Some more RAGBRAI Charter info from MCBC Co-ordinator Deb Elliott… Part 1

Greetings to:  Everyone

Hopefully You have heard the good news that Muscatine has been chosen as the ending town.    Good for our economy & good for us riders.   I think most of us Muscatine folk get kind of a thrill riding in to our hometown !


I would like to remind you to sign up soon.   We will become a very popular charter, with it ending in Muscatine.    We will not take more than 2 buses.    It is better to stay small,  better campsites & much easier getting to know everyone & keep everyone happy.   I would like to remind you that if you live in Muscatine or right across the river you will need to be a member of Melon City in 2016.  The cost to go as a member of Melon City is $125 (no change from 2015)  Checks should be mailed to me, but made out to Melon City RAGBRAI Fund.   The next step,  Go to the RAGBRAI Website Registration & register as a group member,  Group #49  Melon city Bike Club.   Remember this is a new registration process, none of your old info remains.  You will pay the 
Register for your tags ($175)  also if you want a Melon City RAGRAI jersey or other items,  please sign up & pay for them at the same time.   You can sign up as a club member, but not register to ride,  please do not do this it is confusing to me, & sometimes you appear twice.   You must Register & pay before I will count you as an actual rider,  Just signing up as a member of our club will not hold your place.   Full refunds less $25 will be given till May 15 ( moved up from June 1 in past)  The Register has changed this for group payment.

If you live outside our area, & were a member in 2015 & become a member in 2016,  you may follow the above instructions.

For new charter folk,  We would love to have you join us, but you must sign up as an individual on the RAGBRAI website, & pay the appropriate fees to them.  Next,  to ride as a charter with Melon City,  the cost is $300 per person, checks should be made out to Melon City RAGBRAI Fund & mailed to me.   I will need a copy of your waiver & Tag numbers, when they become available.  NO “Bandits” allowed.

Membership applications are available on our website   I will be checking memberships June1.  But don’t delay !! 

Last but not least,  Melon City’s annual meeting  will be Tues night, Jan 26, 6 PM, at the Port City Underground,  Please join us if in the area.

 Melon City Bike,  & Harpers’ Bike shop will be having some exciting times over the next 6 months.   Lots of work & lots of fun mixed in.  Please volunteer your help when asked.    This will be a great time to get your family , friends, & coworkers interested in our great sport.   Remember we all were beginners sometime.

Some of you folks maybe getting this X3 or more,   Just didn’t want to miss anyone on my many lists. 

Deb Elliott

Melon City Bike Club

806 W 3rd St

Muscatine, IA   52761

563-506-1477         563-263-2841

debEven more RAGBRAI Charter info from MCBCCo-ordinator Deb Elliott… Part 2

Thanks for asking about our charter.   We are a bike club that becomes a non profit charter at RAGBRAI time.   We take 2 tour buses, one rental truck, & 2 other support vehicles to the start town.  Boxed bikes must be at Harper’s Bike Shop (an official RAGBRAI bike shop) by 5 PM Friday July 22.  Our rental truck leaves Friday  night to head west.    Our tour buses depart from Harpers at 7 AM for the trip west.   You are allowed 2 bags & one chair.   We have charging stations, bike pumps, shade tents, a get-to know you wine & cheese party, one of the early nights of the ride, prearranged camp sites,  our own kybos, if we are away from the main camp sites, tent set up and take down options,  cold beverages for sale, safe free parking for your cars during RAGBRAI week,  and coffee in the morning.   You must be a registered  RAGBRAI ride & I  will need a copy of waivers & tag numbers when they become available.

Thanks again for your interest,

Deb Elliott

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